• Ian Sutton


Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions rebound following the COVID-19 pandemic
Credit: Wix

The COVID-19 pandemic led to sharp decline in world-wide CO2 emissions, particularly in the transportation sector. Many people hoped that this decline could be the start of a permanent shift in greenhouse gas reduction. A recent report from the International Energy Agency shows that this hope has not been fulfilled. The title of the report is After steep drop in early 2020, global carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded strongly. The report’s subtitle reads,

Global energy-related CO2 emissions were 2% higher in December 2020 than in the same month a year earlier,

Dr Fatih Birol, the IEA's Executive Director said,

In March 2020, the IEA urged governments to put clean energy at the heart of their economic stimulus plans to ensure a sustainable recovery. But our numbers show we are returning to carbon-intensive business-as-usual.