• Ian Sutton

COP26: The Divergence Continues

Volvo electric car symbolizes the leadership on climate change being shown by businesses.
The Volvo Polestar electric vehicle

The theme of yesterday’s post COP26 and Climate Leadership was that the governments of the world have had three decades to effectively tackle climate change; they have failed to do so. If we are to tackle the climate crisis leadership will have to come from elsewhere. In the post we suggest that businesses and companies could fill that role. Today’s headlines from COP26 seem to confirm this point of view.

From the BBC, date line November 11th 2021.

COP26: Temperature fears as climate summit enters final day

From Bloomberg,

Australia’s Climate Plans Disappoint as COP26 Wraps Up

But then we have the following from Newsweek,

Volvo Signs COP26 Pledge, Will Charge Itself Double for Carbon Emissions

The trend continues. Businesses and industries are moving toward a Net Zero mode because they see it as being a massive commercial opportunity, and also a threat if their competitors steal a march on them. In other words, they have a clear focus, a clear ideology.

Governments, on the other hand, are trapped in linear thinking, and they cannot take a risk because the cost of failure, at least in electoral terms, is so high.