Chapter 15:
The Energy Professional

Credit: Wix


The previous chapters have shown that the energy picture is changing very quickly, like it or not. This means that professionals working in the energy industries need to adapt if they are to succeed. Many of the old skills related to fossil fuel extraction, refining and distribution will become relatively less valuable, whereas knowledge of alternative energy technology will be an asset. Some thoughts as to which adaptations are likely to be the most beneficial are provided in this chapter.


Because this book is to do with new technologies, the focus of this chapter is on engineers, scientists and project managers. However, the same way of thinking applies more broadly. For example, accountants and attorneys will also need to adapt to the changing infrastructure.



Survival of the Adaptable

Back to Basics

Systems Thinking

Social Impact

Handling Uncertainty

Professional Attributes

Jack of All Trades

Physics, not Economics


Liberal Arts

Choice of Discipline

Project Management

Electrical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Climate Science



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